A cozy neighbourhood cafe & newsstand. A place to relax, have a glass of wine, quality food & fair trade coffee.

As sandwiches goes, these were some of the freshest and tastiest ones we've had in SoHo. And for those who can't start their day without a little caffeine, they have a great list of coffees. This place is really cute and a must-try on lazy Sundays. But be sure to get in before everyone else wakes up or you'll have to fight of a seat.
HK magazine
This all white restaurant, with cosy couches, communal tables and a tiny outdoor patio feels more Hampton's beaches than Hong Kong. There's no better place to go for your oversize omelettes, crepes with bananas and chocolate, and an entire menu of coffees, milkshakes and hot chocolates, served anytime, any day of the week.
dimsum & thensome
The Brunch Club is all about unwinding. The combination of the restaurant's fresh-squeezed orange juice, omelets and eggs benedict with salmon cures hangovers from the night before. The staff remains friendly and accommodating, even if huge a crowd forms outside while waiting for a table.
the coffee is great, the food is amazing (some of my favorite waffles among other things), the staff is super friendly, and the atmosphere is perfect
Henri Hogan
brunch club is my favourite oasis in HK! Great food, good prices, international reading, excellent wine, lovely servers, cool patrons, comfy sofas, garden, wi-fi, waffles...what more can you want?!
Rebecca Krueger
I'm sitting in the Brunch Club, which is already my favorite little spot in Hong Kong. Brunch Club is good food, good prices, nice environment, and slow ass service. In other words, it is Los Angeles. No wonder I love it so.
Ken Basin
Great website! User Friendly! I love your food here!
Coco Chan
One of my very favourite HK hangs! I love this place and look forward to my mint tea with honey, every morning!
I love the food, love the place and love the smiling owner!
Food is good, service is sometimes inconsistent, lovely environment and menu. Thanks!
Cleo Sham
We had a fabulous brunch, the service was great and the food was superb. Will definitely come back again!
It's our second time to come. Love the food so much...as good as the service...good restaurant...yummy food!
Food was lovely, quaint atmosphere, great value for money.

Please note that we do not accept reservations or private parties anytime before 6.00pm on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays.